Baylands Park is located in Sunnyvale off of Highway 237 and Lawrence Expressway. Flyers generally gather at the Pickleweed picnic area located toward the far east side of the park. Make a right after entering through the main gate and follow the road until you reach the park offices on the right. The Pickleweed picnic area is directly across from the offices.

During the summer it is not uncommon for this area to be reserved. If the area is rented out we relinquish the area and move to another unrented spot. There are a wide range of aircraft flying at Baylands, ranging from park flyers, all the way up to hotliners and sailplanes. If you are using a 72 MHz or 27 MHz radio you should post your channel on the center metal support beam in the picnic area. Please make sure that you post your name and channel number. This park is shared with people playing sports, hiking and picnicking. Please be aware of your surroundings and fly with care. RC pilots at this site loudly call out launches, landings and whenever they walk out onto the field where others might be landing. forum member Frank Ronquillo, a.k.a. phrank, has created an excellent RealFlight Photofield of Baylands Park that can be downloaded here: Sunnyvale Baylands 2_PI.g3x

More information regarding this park can be found on the City of Sunnyvale website. Sunnyvale Parks Division